Japan Association for Community Policy is nation-wide organization of study circles which
strives to foster all regional communities and neighborhoods, and to develop for regional
democracy. JACP addresses to exchange and think together with leaders and volunteers,
elected officials, municipal officers, NPOs, business organizations, academic scholars
concern community-self-governance and community policy intellectually.

JACP have a mission which contributes to following subjects.
  • To foster and cultivate participants for on-going regional democracy and participatory democracy
  • To train interdisciplinary supporting experts and leaders for building strong community
  • To establish the comprehensive and applicable policy science based on community
JACP provides opportunity for peoples and organizations to share ideas, values, experiences,
and academic knowledge to foster their community that is the greatest important local part of
democratic society. Therefore JACP strives to study all policy sciences interdisciplinary and
strives to build community policy sciences systematically and both with to wealthier neighborhoods.
JACP (Japan association for community policy) was founded in June, 2002 with 159 individual
members and 12 organizational members. At the beginning, JACP was named "Japan Association
for Community Policy and Study
Forum". JACP is naming just "JACP" from 2004. JACP affiliated with Neighborhoods, USA in
20th May, 2009.

Aim of JACP is to contribute with human dignity building community which is based on people's
collaboration and harmonious coexistence in nature.  Therefore, JACP member strives to
study all community policy interdisciplinary which also connect academic study with actual

Memberships are composed by "individual" "student" "organizational" memberships in principle.
Member is entitled to attend the all conferencesof JACP and to contribute free the journal of
"COMMUNITY POLICY". Member is required annual membership fee.

  • Annual conference
  • Annual symposium
  • Study projects
  • Publication(Journal of "COMMUNYTY POLICY" Quarterly newsletters)

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